Monthly Dine Arounds

Dine Arounds provide our members with the opportunity to get to know each other in an informal setting. We encourage our members to attend them so we can learn more about each other and benefit from our diverse experiences.

Dine Arounds are held in a member’s home or her location of choice and are restricted to the number of members a host can accommodate. Sign-up is encouraged.

Sign up Procedure
We try to schedule the Dine Arounds as far in advance as possible, with our goal being to schedule a week in advance. Joan Hecker will email a sign-up sheet at least four weeks before the Dine Around date. One week later we confirm reservations.

Should more members sign up than the host can accommodate, we select members who are new or have not recently attended  a dine-around. We also maintain a waiting list in case of cancellations. Joan will email a reminder one week in advance.

If you sign up for a Dine Around and cannot attend, please let Joan and the hostess know as soon as possible.  If there is a waiting list, we will try to fill your spot. If your spot cannot be filled, we will invoice you for the cost if you did not pay in advance. If you did pay in advance, you will be reimbursed if your spot is filled.  

Pics from Annual Holiday Party December 18, 2018 Bogey Club. Hosted by Pat Whitaker

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Because this is our most popular activity, we ask all of you to host a Dine Around when you can so the responsibility is not always on the same members. 
We go down our membership list alphabetically when asking members to host. This helps us remember which members we have asked. 

We all love to go to a member’s home for a Dine Around, so if you are hosting and it is not possible or convenient for you to have it at your house, please feel free to use a club, restaurant, or other venue instead.  You do not need to make a gourmet dinner or have it catered. Many of our members have brought in take-out which is just fine.

Feel free to co-host a Dine Around. Many members find this easier. You should do what is best for you, because the purpose is not a gourmet meal but an evening of camaraderie and conversation. 

If you are hosting a Dine Around, we encourage you to call a new member and invite her to attend so she will feel more comfortable. Our new members don’t really know what to expect at a dine-around so it is helpful to reach out to them.

Three Yearly Meetings

1. Annual Meeting
2. Bring Along
3. Holiday Party

Other meetings will be scheduled and notices sent by email. If you have an idea for a speaker or an event, please contact Program Chair Betsy Cohen at