What We Do

MWF believes active participation keeps our connections and spirit alive, and therefore a minimum attendance at four events per year is required. However, for statewide convenience, we plan a variety of meetings in a number of locations from which to choose. We have a collection of themes and social events from which to house, as well as business meetings.

Some gatherings are closed, some include spouses and/or guests, some are small, some large, some fun, some serious — all enriching and enjoyable. We combine a mixture of social and substantive experiences of value and relevance. We enjoy concerts, lectures, debates, performances and presentations made by members or outside experts.

Dine Arounds are one of the most popular and stimulating "networking within the network" opportunities, and as the name implies, involve great food and great conversation around the state. We share each others' homes, stories, families and lives. 


Mission Statement

The mission of the Missouri Women's Forum is achieved primarily through programs that create opportunities for members to interact, get to know each other better and stimulate exposure to interesting people and places. Global IWF activities also contribute to the MWF's achievement of its mission. Members are also open to learning about projects which involve other members and may elect, as individuals, to support them. In selected cases, the membership may choose to support a project as a group. 


Statement of Purpose

The Missouri Women's Forum (MWF) was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Missouri on Nov. 28, 1988. The mission of the organization is: To bring together women of significant and diverse achievements in the arts, business, civic activities, education, professions, public sector, and sciences in order to facilitate constructive communication and mutual growth. To foster association among prominent women to enable them, individually and collectively, to exert their leadership and influence and to achieve ever higher standards of excellence. To aim at the empowerment of women through mutual support of members and, by the example members set, for other women and for society at large. To provide educational programs and information both for and through its members. To maintain affiliation with the International Women's Forum (IWF) and give MWF members access to IWF activities and services. 


How We Work

We seek to empower women by teaching, mentoring, example, sharing and partnership. Networking is a core component and major benefit. MWF is a rich combination of professional perspectives and personal camaraderie. Members are all current or retired management-level leaders in a variety of fields and freely exchange industry experience and perspectives framed by the uniquely female qualities of friendship, candor and loyalty. Our organization is led by an annually-elected Board of Directors consisting of a President, President-elect, Vice-president, Treasurer and a Member-at-Large. This group functions as the Executive Committee, which sets policies, analyzes organizational issues and makes recommendations to the general membership for concurrence and/or votes at each quarterly meeting. We get work done via smaller, dedicated committees, which rotate annually and provide another enjoyable venue to get to know other members and profit from new perspectives and expertise. We set up Ad Hoc committees to meet occasional specific needs. Permanent committees include membership, program, planning, by-laws, etc.

What We Believe

Our diverse backgrounds give us a wide range of cultural, religious, occupational and political philosophies in which we freely share and educate one another. We are married, divorced, widowed, partnered or parents, and we help each other survive all of the above. 

We are friends and partners interested in expanding our horizons and working together to make Missouri a better place. Freedom of thought and expression is encouraged, making us a true forum and incubator of ideas and visions. We work hard and play hard, celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.

How We Recruit

Joining MWF is by invitation only. Potential members must be recommended by a current member in good standing, as well as co-sponsored by an additional member. Nomination requirements are:

1. To be a woman of achievement who has excelled in her field and is recognized by her peers as a leader.

2. To be a woman recognized statewide, nationally or internationally through her industry or through her involvement in extracurricular activities;

3. To be a recognized leader in her community, and who has expressed an interest in participating in the MWF by advancing our mission;

4. To be a woman willing and able to abide by the rules of the Forum regarding attendance and dues, and adhere to the by-laws.

Local membership qualifies us for international participation. Statewide members are diverse, ranging in age from 30 to 90 and coming from a myriad of industries, economic backgrounds, education levels, ethnic groups and geographic areas.